sensor_data_t_ Struct Reference

#include <grasp_input_segment.h>

Data Fields

int npixels
int nt
int nx
int ny
int id_inversion
pixel_t pixel [_KIMAGE]

Detailed Description

Sdata structure binded with src/retrieval/src/mod_sdata_ut.f90

Field Documentation

◆ id_inversion

int id_inversion

identification of current segment inside the tile

◆ npixels

int npixels

Number of total pixels in the segment

◆ nt

int nt

Number of elements in T dimension

◆ nx

int nx

Maximum number of elements in X dimension

◆ ny

int ny

Maximum number of elements in Y dimension

◆ pixel

pixel_t pixel[_KIMAGE]

Data for each pixel