input_settings_t_ Struct Reference

#include <grasp_input_settings.h>

Data Fields

coord_t resolution
 the the width and heigth of a pixel in geo-coords More...
coord_t coordinates
coord_grid_t coordinates_grid
coord_grid_t grid_offset
char coordinates_refence [25]
char coordinates_type [25]
int area_width
 the width of the covered area More...
int area_height
 the height of the covered area More...
char time_from [255]
char time_to [255]
int segment_nx
 the width of a segment More...
int segment_ny
 the height of a segment More...
int segment_nt
int nfiles
char driver_name [_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]
char print_raw_segment [_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]
char print_clean_segment [_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]
char print_used_files [_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]
char sdata_stream [_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]
char sdata_dump_after_driver [_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]
char sdata_dump_after_transformer [_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]
char imagedat_stream [_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]
int preload_nsegmentx
int preload_nsegmenty
int preload_nsegmentt
grasp_input_driver_settings_t driver
grasp_input_transformer_settings_t transformer
int ntransformers

Field Documentation

◆ area_height

int area_height

the height of the covered area

◆ area_width

int area_width

the width of the covered area

◆ coordinates

coord_t coordinates

◆ coordinates_grid

coord_grid_t coordinates_grid

◆ coordinates_refence

char coordinates_refence[25]

◆ coordinates_type

char coordinates_type[25]

◆ driver

◆ driver_name

char driver_name[_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]

◆ files


◆ grid_offset

coord_grid_t grid_offset

◆ imagedat_stream

char imagedat_stream[_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]

◆ nfiles

int nfiles

◆ ntransformers

int ntransformers

◆ preload_nsegmentt

int preload_nsegmentt

◆ preload_nsegmentx

int preload_nsegmentx

◆ preload_nsegmenty

int preload_nsegmenty

◆ print_clean_segment

char print_clean_segment[_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]

◆ print_raw_segment

char print_raw_segment[_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]

◆ print_used_files

char print_used_files[_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]

◆ resolution

coord_t resolution

the the width and heigth of a pixel in geo-coords

◆ sdata_dump_after_driver

char sdata_dump_after_driver[_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]

◆ sdata_dump_after_transformer

char sdata_dump_after_transformer[_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]

◆ sdata_stream

char sdata_stream[_GBL_FILE_PATH_LEN]

◆ segment_nt

int segment_nt

◆ segment_nx

int segment_nx

the width of a segment

◆ segment_ny

int segment_ny

the height of a segment

◆ time_from

char time_from[255]

◆ time_to

char time_to[255]

◆ transformer

◆ transformers_name