grasp_segment_t_ Struct Reference

#include <grasp_input_segment.h>

Data Fields

sensor_data_t sdata
float iguess [_KIMAGE][_KPARS]
segment_edges edges

Detailed Description

Framework segment structure contains segment structure (binded with retrieval part) and initial guess for each pixel. If a value of initial guess is -999, it will be ignored and the value in setting file will be used like initial guess.

Field Documentation

◆ edges

Segment edges has information of neighbors

◆ iguess

float iguess[_KIMAGE][_KPARS]

Initial guess for each pixel. This initial guess will be used instead of values in settings file if the values here are different than -999. Otherwise values from settings file will be used

◆ sdata

Sensor data which it will run inside retrieval code. It is binded with Fortran file.